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Canadian Nutrition & Food Labelling Consulting Services provides expert nutrient analysis and food label regulatory guidance services that domestic and international companies need to create compliant food labels for the Canadian market.

Services include...


Food & Agricultural Photography Services

Nutrition Labelling and Product R&D Software


Helpful Links to Canadian Food and Related Regulations



  • Database-calculated nutrient analysis using your product formulas & recipes.

  • Using our nutrient analysis or analyses you may have had done previously, let us provide compliant Canadian Nutrition Facts Tables, or the information restaurants need to provide compliant menu item nutrition information.

  • Provision of compliant Canadian bilingual ingredient and allergen declarations.

  • Guidance to what is compliant with Canadian regulations for claims and statements that can be made regarding food product attributes, health and nutrition-related claims.

  • Provide Canadian "Full Label Compliance" services to make sure all mandatory requirements for Canadian food labels are compliant with regulations.

  • Answer your Canadian food regulatory questions, or work with you to address any CFIA or Border Services compliance issues you are dealing with.

  • Access to professional French-Canadian translation services for non-mandatory label text not covered by our "Full Label Compliance" services.


Whether you're a restaurant, food grower or manufacturer, market your products using our food and agricultural photography services!



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