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ESHA's Genesis R&D Product Development and Labelling Software

ESHA's Genesis R&D is internationally recognized as one of the most accurate and complete nutrition analysis systems. It features one of the food industry's top-rated databases, with a comprehensive food selection. ESHA’s rigorous nutrient data cross-checking and research-based enhancement ensures that you are working with trustworthy, high-quality data – something that Nu Connexions can say is not always the case with other companies that “enhance” or add to USDA and CNF government nutrient data. This software provides you with valuable benefits:


Food & Agricultural Photography Services

Canadian Food Label Consulting & Nutrient Analysis


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  • Reduce outsourced analytical testing — approximately $750 to $2,000 per sample. 

  • Comply with U.S., Mexican and Canadian government regulations.

  • Develop US NLEA-compliant Labels, both adult and child formats.

  • Create US DSHEA supplement formats. 

  • Automatically build Ingredient Statements, Allergen Statements and US Nutrient Content Claims 

  • ESHA's years of research and our meticulous, extensive database at your fingertips.


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  • An intuitive, user-friendly interface that uses the latest in ingredient and nutrient search technology. 
  • A meticulously researched database of more than 47,000 foods and food items including raw materials, chemicals/additives and food industry ingredients. Users can add an unlimited number of new foods and modify existing foods.
  • Automatic, accurate nutrient analysis for more than 163 nutritional components, and food exchanges.
  • U.S. Labels – Spanish Bilingual, Standard, Tabular, Dual Declaration, Aggregate, Child and many more. 
  • Canadian Label formats (including French/English Bilingual) and database available.
  • Mexican Label formats available. 
  • Supplement Label formats including Aggregate, Dual Recommendation and proprietary blends (link to label formats)
  • A variety of reporting options.
  • Moisture, fat and processing adjustment tools: subtract or add water/fat, view results on-screen immediately
  • Meat and Dairy product formulators.
  • Cost entry and calculations. Enter the cost per Ingredient or measure of the Ingredient and the program will calculate total materials cost for the Recipe
  • Barcode generation for the Labels.
  • Unlimited database expansion: Add your own  nutrients, Ingredients, allergens, suppliers and more to the database, and use them in your formulas.
  • Yield adjustments: enter food as purchased, obtain nutrient values for edible portion only
  • Unparalleled customer service
  • Importing and exporting of data
  • Data protection with ESHA Security
  • Interface with other systems, via ESHAPort

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