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Helpful Links to Canadian Food and Related Regulations

The following links may be helpful to those interested in Canadian food labelling regulations. Government web links are often periodically changed. If you find a link that no longer works, please contact Steve so he can update it.

French Language Translation Links

Health Canada Links

Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) Links

Various Food-Related Acts and Regulations

Natural Health Products Regulations


Food & Agricultural Photography Services

Canadian Food Label Consulting & Nutrient Analysis


Nutrition Labelling and Product R&D Software



French Language Translation Links

Office québécois de la langue française

Le grand dictionnaire terminologique

Banque de dépannage linguistique

Statistics Canada - Population by Mother Tongue

Health Canada Links

Health Canada's Nutrition Labelling Homepage

Nutrition Labelling Regulations & Compliance

A Guide for the Preparation of Submissions on Food Additives

Food Additive Submission Checklist

Information About Permitted Uses of Stevia in Canada

Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) Links

Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA)

Fair Labelling Practices Program

Guide to Food Labelling and Advertising

Determination of a Compliant "Common Name" for Labelling

Compliance Test to Assess Accuracy of Nutrient Values - Finalized document released (December 2003)

Laboratory Analysis Specifications

Nutrition Labelling Regulations and Foods Sold in Restaurants and Food Service Establishments

Nutrient Content Claims and Foods Sold in Restaurants and Food Service Establishments

CFIA - Fair Labelling Practices Program - Decisions

Nutrition Labelling Toolkit

Permitted Synthetic Colours and Terminology in Canada

Meat Cuts Manual

The Canadian Fish List

Various Food-Related Acts and Regulations

Acts and Regulations

Consumer Packaging and Labelling Act

Canada Agricultural Products Act

Food and Drugs Act

Processed Products Regulations

Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB)

Above link includes Canadian national standards for organic agriculture and voluntary standards for labelling and advertising of foods that are not products of genetic engineering.

Natural Health Products Regulations

Natural Health Products - Main Page on Health Canada Website

Natural Health Products - Regulations


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